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Netherland is a country with 17 million inhabitants that is smaller than cities as Tokyo, Cairo and Istanbul. The Netherlands is also seen as 'the Singapore of Western Europe', a large city with a few national parks in between with many possibilities for expats. The Netherlands has a diameter of 125 km from border to coast and an excellent public transport network. Traveling through the Netherlands is therefore easy and comfortable for expats.


Houses for rent in Holland

If you are looking for expat housing in the Netherlands (also known as Holland), you will find out that Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands (sometimes called Holland) and an important area when it comes to the establishment of foreign companies and expats. With a large network of international companies and several international schools, many expat families settle in rental or owner-occupied homes in this area. However, a high expat population density means that the selling prices and rental prices of homes have risen sharply in this area. In Amsterdam, prices increased up to 21% were measured compared to a year ago.

Other interesting places for an expat in the Netherlands

The high prices are a good reason for many expats in the Netherlands to look for a living accommodation outside this area of Amsterdam, The Hague or Utrecht. At 60 minutes by car from Amsterdam and 40 minutes by car from Utrecht in the east of the Netherlands there are properties available at affordable prices both for sale and rent. Also International Schools are located here. Therefore, the Arnhem - Nijmegen area has a fast expanding international expat community. People can enjoy the green parks, sports facilities and also have quick access to Germany with many interesting cities to visit.

By train of car, you can travel comfortably to the Randstad or Schiphol Airport within an hour.

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